Classic Motorcycle Club meeting, 25th May 2013

It was just a regular monthly classic bike club meeting today, with a few classic bikes, a few laughs, a few oil spills and a large amount of boerie rolls.

No chance of going hungry at this meeting

No chance of going hungry at this meeting

After the basic bits of business had been covered (making sure everyone knew that Howard is currently pedal powered) we had an informative talk from Mike (club president) about the stunning BMW R69 that he’s just finished restoring. Mike strongly believes that classic bikes are there to be ridden and not be displayed – and this follows through in his no nonsense style of restoration … Spend the money where you have to, but don’t become so obsessed about detail that you forget about riding the thing at the end of the exercise. Despite it’s German origins the R69 still made a little bit of a puddle on the floor, which made all the British bike owners feel a lot better about the state of their riding machines.

A BMW R60 that goes as well as it looks

A BMW R69 that goes as well as it looks

We also learned how to fix a raffle … with the winning vintage bottle of Old Brown probably klapped before making it out of the meeting hall. Next weeks run will be organised by Howard and will likely take a route out to the Durbanville hills. Howard will be running a 25 speed machine and wearing spandex unless he manages to find a suitable replacement. We usually still do a run even if there’s the chance of rain – unless it absolutely chucking it down. The Cape Classic Bike Club will be meeting at Constantia Village at 8:15am on Sunday morning and going on from there. If you fancy joining us (even if you’re bike is not a classic yet) and coming along for a classic motorbike ride in the most beautiful city in the world then please contact the club via this website.