Club bikes – Keith’s Kawasaki XS1150

Keith Acton age 75. Classic Motorcycle Club member 8-10 years, I think.

After a motoring lifetime (from age 16) riding bikes in the 125 and 225 cc class, the schoolboy dream of a Road Rocket, Golden Flash, Bonnie or the like seemed to be getting further away as I passed the age of 70. Following a club ride to Fairview about 4 years ago with two of us on the Honda 125, Dee and I decided that, stout hearted as she was, the little Honda with 2 up was not suitable for club runs

Something bigger was needed. And Lo! our prayers were heard by Saint Vincent, the Patron Saint of motor cycling who was merciful, and sent us via Gumtree, at a truly Righteous price—the Yamaha. However, my Son said “Dad, it’s too big and heavy for you.” Dee agreed with him. “Why can’t we have a nice little 750” she whined. That did it, and I simply HAD to have it, and the 37 year old bike has been a joy to own and ride_a gentle giant of a bike with enough of the hooligan in it to stir the blood.

We’ve had her for 4 Years and she has 94000 km total, of which we have done about 8000 km. She gets all her routine services and had a head gasket job done. She is as steady as a rock above walking pace, but being a 600 pound lump at rest or during parking maneuvers.


Keith’s first bike

Our favorite Cape Town rides are … Redhill, Kirstenbosch to Constantia Necks, Suikerbssie to Camps bay, Gordons Bay coastal to Hermanus … Anything with bends.

My first bike was a B S A Bantam 125 with rigid rear end. Reliable but ghastly. My dream bike is a Brough Superior SS 100 or Vincent Black Shadow, because they would be closest to the Yamaha 1100 (Though not as quick.)

Keith's next bike

Keith’s next bike