CMCC visits Ravenol Oil Observatory Cape Town

Lubrication for your machines awaits you at Ravenol Cape Town

What you dont know about lubrication will be revealed at Ravenol depot in Obs. Its is a state of the art facility with over 100 types of oils , grease, cleaning products and more

The CMCC riders were entertained by Freddy and Simon on Saturday 07 Nov 2015. First it was oils specific to different motors, bikes cars of all eras with every question answered in detail on performance and application. Then Feddy sublety asked if we wished to see his Clarence drive antics upstairs.

Brilliant views of Devils Peak and our bikes downstairs followed by a video of Clarence Drive like you have never seen before. What is it about ex pilots turned bike riders ?

Very good pricing and well worth visiting thanks Guys! and thanks new members