The last ride of 2015 – Franschhoek Pass

A big thank you to the faithful who joined the ride to station pub Franschhoek, the long way round.

The Franschhoek pass is a great place to open up a bit, but also to respect the tight corners. Thomas and I were in front.


These 2 bikes are 40 years apart…..1975 BMW R90S and a 2015 R nine T and they make an awesome dueling pair on the road.

Thomas has the good habit of riding past all and blasting off into the horizon. But I am a match for his fancy machine ; I am absolutely amazed at how well my old girl goes and since I put the new carbs on … I can do 90 % of what Thomas does and use less fuel! (according to me.)

Oh dear, we will have to try a different route next month;  but it wont be long before Franschhoek pass beckons again, maybe we will go to Villiersdorp next time.