IPA 2017 Timour Hall

We once again had big day at Timour Hall Classic Day January 2017 and thanks to all those involved.

We always have lots of visitors and we cherish our spot between Vintage Bike Club and IMOC.DSC_0153 DSC_0154 DSC_0155 DSC_0156 DSC_0157

And the same young fellas came to inspect Thomas McKenzie’s R 67/3 in detailDSC_0160

Bonus was getting license plate for R 90 S . Awesome . Thanks to the Murrays from ‘Murray’ville . it was 6 months of effort Leslie special touch there. and the bike sailed thru roadworthy and got disc next day. So now Im legal and 3 days later bike is on film shoot in town (TBA)DSC_0150

Well I bought the bike from Edgar at the IPA January 2013 !, from barn yard specialbike on farm 1

to thisR90s at film shoot